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The Construction Source America The Construction Source America Welcome to the latest issue of Construction Source America, where we highlight the best of the best in building and building products across the United States. In this edition, we’ve shone our spotlight on a range of contractors, developers, material suppliers and industry associations, all of them dedicated to servicing the thriving construction industry in the southern United States. Alair Homes, for example, is one of the most trusted and highest-rated custom home building and renovation franchises in the United States and Canada – and in this issue, we’ve specifically highlighted their award-winning teaminDecatur, Georgia. There, brothers Peter andDavid Michelson have built a thriving custom homebuilding and renovation business. We talked to Peter about how they started the company, how they have grown it with Alair’s support, and the many industry accolades they have accumulated along the way. Later in this issue, we also highlighted the American LightingAssociation (ALA), a national trade association headquartered in Dallas, Texas. As the leading trade association representing the residential lighting industry, they work to protect and advance the industry while promoting the sale and proper application of quality lighting products. To learn more about their purpose and their vision for the industry’s future, we caught up with Terry K. McGowan, ALA’s long-time Director of Engineering and Technology. Also inthis issue is TectaAmerica, the largest commercial roofing contractor and consolidator in the United States. With over 90 locations and 4,000 qualified roofing professionals, they provide roofing solutions nationwide. With their manpower and logistical infrastructure, Editor From The Dear Reader, they can take on even the largest and most intricate of roofing projects. For more on their capabilities, and more on how their company keeps up with advances in roofing technology, we spoke with Geoff Hagan, who was then the company’ Environmental Solutions Director, now their VP of Operations. For those conversations – and so many more like them, with more established industry leaders and the industry leaders of the future – just keep reading. All the best, The Editorial Team

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The Alair Homes Decatur team offers custom built homes and renovations with highquality services and products to homeowners in the Decatur and Greater Atlanta area. Alair Homes Decatur boasts many awards and recognitions, including a 2021 National CotY award and Houzz Best of Design and Best of Service client satisfaction awards from 2013 to 2020. The Alair Decatur team has strong familial beginnings in building. Brothers Peter and David Michelson are fourth generation builders. Their great-grandfather was an entrepreneur—a trait that has passed down through the years. Peter Michelson, an Alair Regional Partner, reflects on the history of the business. According to Michelson, “Our great-grandfather started a commercial building company in 1896 in Boston. The company was in our family until the early 2000s, so my siblings and I grew up hearing stories about construction. David actually joined the family business and worked with my father for 15 years or so. I took a slightly different path. I was more interested in residential construction, but the family business was more commercial and industrial work.” Peter Michelson worked as a carpenter in California and in the Hudson Valley, NY region DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH “I found that we are a very like-minded group of business owners with a similar set of values and vision. What impressed me was the lack of ego with the team” notes Michelson.

DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH before establishing Renewal Design-Build, a custom home renovation company, inDecatur in 2001. David Michelson then joined Peter as a partner in 2004, and together they grew the business. Peter Michelson mentions that about three and half years ago he met with representatives from Alair Homes. After conducting extensive research and spending time with other partners aroundNorthAmerica, Michelson knew that he wanted to make his business stronger by joining the Alair team. “I found that we are a very like-minded group of business owners with a similar set of values and vision. What impressed me was the lack of ego with the team” notes Michelson. The values and vision that the team share can be pinpointed to people, passion, and transparency. The Alair Decatur team truly values relationships, a belief that Michelson agrees is shared within every office of Alair Homes. “We are very much in the relationship business. In fact, that is our business. If we don’t have strong relationships, and if we don’t treat people with dignity, respect, and appreciation, then we don’t have anything. It is a beautiful way to go through life to appreciate and respect each other. We all believe in respect and relationships.” Recently another established and well-respected metro Atlanta remodeling company joined the Alair team. Atlanta Design & Build, founded by H. Dale Contant 25 years ago, is now Alair Homes Marietta. With the two metro Atlanta firms comprising Alair North Georgia, along with two Alair offices in Savannah, the North American company has four established offices in Georgia, with more to come. Building positive, constructive, appreciative, and respectful relationships with clients, partners, and tradespeople is at the heart of Alair. Part of

DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH building and maintaining a relationship with dignity and respect is offering transparency during the building process. Michelson explains that one of the differences between the Alair process and other companies is the level of total transparency that is offered, which in turn provides clients and partners more certainty in the building process. Michelson notes, “Most companies want to quickly sign a construction agreement with the homeowner. It is a common practice to sign an agreement even before completing the design, choosing the products and confirming a final price. However, Alair has a thorough and better process planning model that precedes the construction agreement. In the Alair model, the design is completed and approved, all the products are selected, and everything is priced and quoted, to the extent that it can be, prior to the homeowner signing the construction agreement. It is full transparency and commitment.” Michelson compares the Alair process to that of creating and following a detailed road map. Just as you refer to a map when taking a cross-country road trip, the Alair planning model gives homeowners peace of mind and confidence knowing their project has been planned and priced from start to finish before building even begins. Such clarity gives clients more certainty and confidence during the process. “Certainty,” Michelson stresses. “That is one strong reason people choose Alair. We attract and retain some of the best trades in North Georgia. Our team is trained to build well, but giving people a peace of mind and certainty before we even pick up a hammer--that is hard.” Building certainty and fostering relationships can only be achieved through the singular kind of passion that the Alair team offers. It is not difficult to see that the passion for homebuilding and mutual respect comprise the lifeblood of the Decatur team. “Growing up, I always understood that we were a strong and committed family. We ate family meals together and shared life events in our home in Boston. There are so many heart forces that happen in the home, so I like getting a chance to help people create a space where their memories are made and where they can raise their family. Home is a place of refuge. It is a place that fills the soul. To help people create that space spoke to me,” highlights Michelson. That passion is reflected in the awards Alair Decatur has received. Michelson says his team is especially proud of winning regional and national CotY (Contractor of the Year) awards, since projects are judged by a panel of remodeling professionals affiliated with NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. “To me, receiving a prestigious award from a panel of our industry peers validates that we are doing high quality work and delivering an exceptional product. It doesn’t speak about the experience, but it speaks to the fact that the work we are doing, and the trades we engage with are the best in class. They are the best that are out there. We are honored

DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH that they want to work with us. It shows when people work together, when you paddle the boat, so to speak, in the same direction, incredible things can happen.” Michelson mentions that Alair offices throughout North America win numerous CotY awards each year -- a testament to the quality of work and service Alair offers. He also uses this as a means to showcase the supportive and uplifting culture at Alair. When looking towards the future, Michelson maps out regional growth goals for the company. The planned growth of Alair within theNorthGeorgia region almost mimics the way in which Renewal Design-Build and Alair Homes integrated. “Our goal right now is reaching out and finding the best of the best home builders and remodelers who are looking for a better way to operate their business. First, there’s a period of exploration. Then, if the fit is mutually right, and both parties are in agreement, we offer them the opportunity to become part of Alair and transform their business like we did. In the next 10 years, our goal is to have between 30-40 Alair offices in our North Georgia region, owned and operated by 1015 partners. Scalability is one of the hallmarks of Alair,” says Michelson. As Alair expands and continues to find partners with passion for people and transparency, it is clear that the team at Alair will always put relationships as first priority during the building process. Alair believes “Living Better” starts by loving what you do and showing great respect for the people who help you live out your passions. Their work continues to show appreciation for the craft of building homes and appreciation for the relationships that make houses into homes. Alair North Georgia Partners (L-R): David Michelson, Dale Contant and Peter Michelson.


Compass Industrial LLC is material handling company that focuses on the maintenance of overhead cranes. Their services are performed by skilled and trained technicians. With 100 years of collective experience, it is difficult not to look towards this company for any repair and handling needs when it comes to overhead cranes. Owner Brock Hill came to America to work for a Canadian company as a project manager while ArcelorMittal was being built north of Mobile in Alabama. Hill liked the area. After marrying, he stayed and tried to find a company with a company culture that suited him. However, he never found a company that matched his approach or his aspirations. Therefore, in 2017 he started Compass Industrial. According toHill, “We purchased our building on Bellingrath Road in Theodore, AL. Lane Stewart, Matt Clemons, Greg Hallmark, and Brock Hill startedworking to transform our building, offices, shop, and customer base. In 2018 Stephen Bahouth came on board as a partner. We all decided to start this company to get away from the corporate handcuffs we were all working under.” The beginning of Compass Industrial begins like other small businesses but starting small creates room for significant growth. As Hill notes, “We had DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH “The beginning of Compass Industrial begins like other small businesses but starting small creates room for significant growth. As Hill notes, “We had no insurance. No trucks. We just had a building and an idea. We went from there.”

DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH no insurance. No trucks. We just had a building and an idea. We went from there.” Despite what seems like a small beginning, the company grew exponentially in just the first four years following its inception. In 2018, with the newly partnered Stephen Bahouth, the company saw a growth of 200 percent. The company increased from three employees to now sixteen. Like most companies, Compass IndustrialwasaffectedbyCOVID and pandemic shutdowns. Despite a decrease in revenue, the pandemic also presented opportunities for the company. “Our revenue was down fifty percent, but we grew,” recalls Hill. “A lot of our customers had team members that were not allowed to travel, so we gained access to a lot of plants were repairs were done in house by customers, but we did them. We did not have the large projects. Where a lot of the capital projects typically happen--no one was doing them. That hurt our bottom line. We managed to grow and maintain some team members. The one goal we had in mind was no one losing their job.” Luckily, Compass Industrial managed to reach that primary goal of retaining all employees during pandemic. The team of employees are a significant factor in the company’s success. It is their excitement and ability to adapt that allows for growth and evolution. Hill remarks, “Many of our projects are specialized, so that keeps our entire team on their toes. In 2021 we have begun working with our clients in the training sector. Compass will train our clients maintenance teams to better understand their equipment. To us every project is exiting, we have not lost the excitement for large or small projects and plan to keep it that way. Post Covid, we have some extremely exciting projects in the future.” Compass Industrial is also special in that they hope to give a boutique feel and experience to their customers. As a smaller company they build trust with their clients. Since they are not tied to specific sponsorships or products, they are free to suggest and offer only the best quality of products for every project. This helps them build close relationships and rapport with clients. Hill outlines the relationship between client and business: “In our industry, our competitors like to have fifty customers. Our goal is to keep the boutique feel so we can pay attention to our five or six large clients, so they do not feel neglected. We cater to them all the time. We are always there. If they fall, we are there to pick them up. Being free to offer our services the way we wanted to create a great partnership with our clients and began to take off like a rocket ship.” When asked about their operation location and capabilities, Hill assures that the company’s capabilities are endless. With projects anywhere from Washington to Michigan, Compass Industrial

DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH will take any project that is the right project for their skilled team. Hill assures that “The team in so diverse that nothing is beyond us. We have contracts, some nationally with mostly fortune 500 companies. Our largest project to date is $1 million butwe anticipate surpassing that this year.” With increasing capabilities and contracts, Compass Industrial is beginning to move to Redlist, which is software that will help track customers’ assets while elevating the company’s own inspections. Compass Industrial is also working towards obtaining a patent that will make the industry safer and more efficient. While remaining at the forefront of technological advancement is important, corporate culture is a key to the success of Compass Industrial. Hill describes says the company’s “Our goal is to create a company with the culture we never got at our previous jobs. Non-corporate, no ego’s, make it about the people not the dollar, and do the right thing. I believe we have done a good job of this, and we truly have a family. Our goal is for this to be last stop for anyone that hires on, so they can have a career or home in an amazing industry.” Hill describes company culture like a sports team. The team is like-minded, honest, and supportive. Everyonebelieves in the business and will hold each other accountable. Not only is

DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH To learn more about Compass Industrial LLC—and to contact their team—visit everyone held accountable, but they treat each other equally and work side by side as equals. A team cannot be successful if a single person does not believe in the success and mutual goals of the team. When looking at the future, Hill is optimistic about the direction of the company. Undoubtedly, the positive and supportive company culture will continue to spur the company’s growth. “Collectively we want to continue pushing our boundaries and let the rest happen organically” remarks Hill. “We will be diversifying into different sectors within our industry in the future, our entire team is very excited.” Despite its youth, this company works hard offer services that are efficient, ergonomic, safe, and delivered to the highest standards. Their like-minded team believes firmly in the services they provide to clients and will do what they can to give absolute attention to their clients needs regarding overhead cranes.

Dorn Homes is the largest homebuilder in Northern Arizona, serving Prescott, Prescot Valley, Sedona, Wickenburg, and Tubac. Dorn Homes boasts over fifty years of experience backed by award-winning architecture and innovative designs. The history of Dorn Homes is just as impressive as their superior customer service.

Dorn Homes originally began business in the Phoenix area and then predominately serving Southern Arizona. As the great recession impacted the business, it began to search for and expand into other markets. Dorn Homes began to set sights on Prescott, AZ, and decided to establish business in Northern Arizona. It began and continued to grow its operations around its market in Prescott and surrounding areas. Chris Harrison, Division President of Dorn Homes, talks about his role at the company as it continues to expand. “I joined the team four years ago and we immediately started putting into place a growth strategy to dominate our local niche market in Northern Arizona,” remarks Harrison. “Prior to Dorn Homes, I helped lead another private developer/ homebuilder based in Phoenix with multiple divisions in Arizona and Texas. Prior to my homebuilding career, I studied architecture at the University of Arizona and worked in constructionduring the summer breaks. Upon graduation and becoming a registered architect, I practiced architecture for several years prior to ultimately joining one of my developer/ homebuilding clients. I found the development side of the business fascinating and it allowed me to blend my passion for design and construction.” DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH “The company’s impressive growth, dynamic culture and well-established name, has made Dorn Homes an acquisition target by those looking to capitalize on strong Northern Arizona housing market.”

DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH The company’s impressive growth, dynamic culture and well-established name, has made Dorn Homes an acquisition target by those looking to capitalize on strong Northern Arizona housing market. There have been a number of offers from builders trying to buy Dorn Homes. “There have beenmany builders that have attempted or made offers to buy Dorn Homes-- we have a very well-defined business and growth plan. We have strong trade partner networks, inspiring culture and amazing employees, so we have had several companies what wanted to acquire us through the years,” notes Harrison. It was only when American Southern Homes LLC offered a mutually beneficial relationship that Dorn Homes considered an offer. In February of this year, American Southern Homes LLC acquired the homebuilding assets of Dorn Homes. “American Southern Homes was the first group that really understood our unique company and wanted to help us grow without changing our DNA,” adds Harrison. “They have provided us with the capital and expertise to help us continue our growth strategy in northern Arizona markets and continue to expand to other markets, with Tucson being the first.” As Dorn Homes continues to grow, the team will always remain committed to the company’s core values which are reflected in the word “H-O-M-E.” The company uses “HOME” as an acronym to describe the kind of services and quality they build into their culture and relationships. Harrison outlines, “Our reputation within the community sets us apart; our core values drive our hiring, business decisions and our dayto-activities. The core values are seen in the acronym HOME. H is we humbly serve our community, employees, trade partners and homeowners. The O is we “own it” we are accountable for our results. The

DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH M is we are going to “make it right,” if we make a mistake, we do the right thing. The E is about an “exceptional experience” for our customers.” We want our employees, trades and homeowners to recommend their friends and family.” For Dorn Homes, the homebuilding process is all about the experience they provide the customer. Throughout the process, from purchasing the home, to design selections, during construction, through completion and after move-in, employees work to insure an exception customer experience for the homeowners. The key to delivering excellent service is building a trusting relationship with a customer and offering exceptional customer experience during the home building process which can be rife with uncertainty. Predictability is built into Dorn Homes’ processes, procedures, product and services it offers. “We offer a high degree of personalization in each of our homes” says Harrison. “In each community we offer a portfolio of homes with distinctive architectural styles to choose from, give everyone home its own personality. Each floor plan has an assortment of predesigned options depending on the homeowner’s desires. We are continually improving our floor plans and elevations as we begin new communities. We are always focused on continuous improvement; how can we improve the lives of our customers.” Dorn Homes offers different interior designs with a large selection of features to allow the homeowner to personalize their unique home. They offer different kinds of cabinet styles, flooring, counter tops, etc. These customizable features are already pre-priced, helping make the experience easy and fun. “We create a process that is predictable. We know what the feature cost and work with trade partners that can deliver a high-quality home. It takes the guessing out of the system and allows to reduce the anxiety and deliver a hassle-free experience for our customer,” marks Harrison. Dorn Homes works with a company called ELIANT to constantly measure customer satisfaction and gain valuable feedback to continuously improve the customer-client relationships or satisfaction levels. ELIANT delivers surveys to customers at four different times during the home building process. Clients are surveyed after the framing process, right before drywall. They are surveyed again 30 days after move-in process, once halfway through the first year of ownership, and then finally 10 months after move in. “We have consistently delivered high levels of customer satisfaction. However, the COVID pandemic has made it increasingly difficult with supply chain constraints and increasing demand for our homes with people looking to leave urban, high tax states like California” notes Harrison. Despite these recent struggles, Harrison notes that Dorn Homes has high customer

DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH referral rates; a testament to their focus on the quality of homes that Dorn Homes builds and the experience they provide their customer. “Our company’s mission is to improve the lives of all those that we serve,” Harrison highlights. “This mission drives everything we do. We consider our trade partners part of the Dorn Family and treat them accordingly. As we bring on a new trade contractor, we want to make sure they understand our standards that we expect. We work closely with them to make sure our goals are aligned and know what is important to us.” Harrison is very positive about the clear growth plans of Dorn Homes. He credits the recent partnership with American Southern Homes as an integral part of the company’s path to success. “One of the big benefits of our recent partnership with American Southern homes has been the ability to acquire more land. They have helped us acquire over 3000 lots in our current markets which has fueled our growth. We are looking at expanding our footprint in Tucson and Northern Arizona” outlines Harrison. Despite such growth, Harrison marks that the company does not want to lose sight of affordability. The company wants to continue to build affordable, quality homes in well-designed neighborhoods that inspire customers. Wherever Dorn Homes may extend business, the company has a strong business plan, a unique family culture, and a clear mission to “improve lives of all those we touch” whether it be homeowners, trade partners, team members, or those living in the communities they serve. Harrison adds, “It is a really special place to work. People truly feel appreciated and inspired to do their best work. Building community and homes is life-changing, and at Dorn Homes, you are family.”

75 YEARS AND COUNTING Lehman Pipe & Plumbing Supply is one of the industry’s longest-standing wholesalers of pipe, valves, and fittings. For more than 75 years, they have been servicing a wide variety of commercial and industrial markets, offering an unparalleled level of service backed by a vast and ever-growing inventory of warehoused products. Over the years, they have formed lasting partnerships with their clients, and they have maintained those partnerships by never becoming complacent. Throughout their long history, they always sought ways to become better and more efficient, and they have not shied from new technology and innovation.

In recent years especially, Lehman Pipe has embraced change, and has evolved and expanded considerably as a result. Their team has grown, their fleet has grown, and their facilities have grown – even their reputation has grown, as they have been on the cover of all major pipe, valves and fittings (PVF) publications, and they have consistently been ranked in the Top 100 supply houses in the whole country by Supply House Times. Dennis Lehman is the president of Lehman Pipe, and an industry veteran of almost 50 years. He credits their sustained success to their ability and willingness to adapt and get better. “A lot of older businesses are hesitant to change,” he says. “That’s not us. Our biggest strength is our team. We have an incredible team, they have incredible ideas, and if they have a better way of doing something, that’s how we’ll do it.” “It’s not ‘This is my company, we do it my way,’” he adds. “It’s always ‘What’s our goal, and what’s the best way to achieve our goal?’ Then, collectively, we work together to achieve to that goal.” Lehman Pipe & Plumbing Supply was founded in Miami in 1946 by Dennis’ parents, Julian and Betty Lehman. For a while, the company was just DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH “Dennis Lehman is the president of Lehman Pipe, and an industry veteran of almost 50 years. He credits their sustained success to their ability and willingnesstoadaptand get better.”

DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH the two of them – Julian was the salesman, the order picker, and the delivery person, while Betty did the books. Together, they steadily grew the company, built up their team, and established an uncompromising reputation for reliability. Dennis joined the family business 1974. Under his leadership, the company was reinvented into a PVF supply house. By the mid-1980s, they had become the premier PVF supplier in South Florida. In the years since, they have continued to grow and expand exponentially. In the 1990s, for example, the company decided to expand beyond the borders of the United States. That’s when they were joined by Ron Stauffer, International Sales Manager. To this day, Ron is responsible for “everything south of the border” – currently, that includes the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. In 2019, Lehman Pipe also established two new warehouses outside of the Continental United States – one in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, and the other in Medellín, the capital of Colombia. Over the years, the company has expanded domestically as well. In 2017, they upgraded their main branch in Miami to a 10-acre facility, which includes 95,000 square feet of warehouse. Just last year, they launched second location in Broward County, which includes 65,000 square feet of warehouse. Today, between their two domestic locations, Lehman Pipe has reach as far north as Port St. Lucie on the Atlantic side and Fort Meyers on the Gulf Side. They also work internationally, as previously mentioned, with five sales reps living and working overseas. Within their expansive purview, they service a range of industries and markets, including agriculture, industrial, power generation, municipal, oil and gas, fire protection, mining,

DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH HVAC, water technology, and plumbing. No matter the market, or the country they’re working, Dennis says that most of their clients are repeat and longstanding. He says they are always looking for new customers, but that their biggest priority is servicing the ones they already have. Josh Aberman, Executive Vice President, echoes that sentiment. He says that repeat customers have powered Lehman’s Pipe tremendous growth, and the company will never lose sight of that fact. “Our focus is always on doing better for the customers we have,” Josh says. “Even when we transitioned into the new facility in Miami, and when we opened the new facility in Broward, our focus never changed.” “We’ve been able to grow a lot,” he adds. “We’ve brought inmore material, we’ve increased the size of our warehouses, we’ve added more trucks – and that’s allowed us to do a lot more with our existing customer base. Our growth has not been solely based on acquiring new customers, but from increasing our penetration with our existing customer base.” The vast majority of Lehman Pipe’s existing customers go back decades. The company credits that customer loyalty to numerous factors, including their competitive pricing, their depth of knowledge and experience, and their extremely responsive customer service. Above all, though, the company believe they are set apart by their expansive inventory: “We believe in having a healthy inventory,” Josh says. “Our inventory has grown at a greater than our sales because we want to make sure we’re always able to service our customer base. We try to never be out of anything. We try to be very forward-thinking in regards to what we inventory and how we inventory it.” At Lehman Pipe, they also try to make sure that customers receive exactly what they ask for, when they ask for it. To achieve that reliability, they have implemented a series of ‘customer-first’ procedures and processes. For example, every single order goes through a checking process, in which photos are taken of all shipments before they are physically packaged. Each box, or each pallet, or each bundle of pipe is then labelled with a digital packing slip detailing what’s inside. Upon delivery, the company also provides clients with a master list for review – it doesn’t matter how many pallets, boxes, or bundles the customer receives, each one is labelled and every item is accounted for on the master list. If, upon delivery, a customer is concerned about a shortage – or has any concern, really – that’s where the photos come in. Again, each shipment’s contents are individually photographed, and those photos are easily accessible. No matter where they are, team members can easily bring those photos up on their cellphone and show clients immediately what’s in every pallet, box, or bundle. In addition, when Lehman Pipe processes their tickets, they enter a required or requested delivery time. They also make notes if the customer has special requests or requirements – for example, if they require

In recent years, Lehman Pipe & Plumbing Supply has really embraced new technology – not just to help with delivery, but all facets of their business. For example, they have a point-ofsales system at their counter. That system tracks wait times, service times, the amount of customers at the counter at any given point of the day, even the types of customers who are coming in and when. The company takes that data and uses it to better service their customers – for example, they make sure that more team members are staffing the counter during peak times, and they change the products available at the counter to account for what most customers are looking for. “Technology is a really big thing for us,” Josh says. “We’ve invested heavily in it, but we think it’s worth it.” Embracing technology DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH a crane. Their software then automatically routes the trucks in a way that will meet those customer’s needs. “Wedon’t routeour trucksbased on the best possible route to conserve gas and mileage,” Josh explains. “We route them to accommodate our customer’s needs. We spend more on delivery and we spend more on gas than the majority of our competitors, because we’re not as concerned with our efficiency as we’re concerned about the customer’s needs and requirements.” Lehman Pipe’s system drastically reduces potential issues with delivery and it makes it hard for their team to make mistakes. Of course, mistakes do still happen on rare occasions – their team is still human, after all. On those occasions, Dennis believes that they further set themselves apart from the competition: “When we make a mistake, it becomes our top priority to get the order corrected,” Dennis says. “If possible, we get it resolved that same day, if not, the following morning. We’ll send out a truck direct. We’ll use Uber if we have to. We’ll do whatever it takes to correct the problem and make sure the customer is taken care of.”

Their customers, he adds, have largely agreed. Especially when it comes to the digital packing slips they recently introduced – he says those have been a “tremendous success.” “We know from personal experience that our guys don’t like getting mixed boxes from manufacturers,” Josh explains. “They want to see what’s in the boxes before they take them apart.” “We’ve had a lot of customers complain about the same thing,” he adds. “They don’t like getting mixed shipments where they have no idea what’s inside each pallet, and so they have to go through eight or nine pallets to find one half-inch bolt.” “We wanted to solve that problem,” Josh says. “I think we have. We’ve spent a lot of time and money on it and the results have been very positive.” The same goes for their routing software, which prioritizes customer needs over mileage and gas. He says that customers have appreciated the increased efficiency. “We’ve really improved our overall delivery experience,” he says. “That’s what we’re hearing from our customers.” Lehman Pipe & Plumbing Supply takes pride in building relationships with all their stakeholders, not just their customers. For example, their employees also tend to be longstanding, with average tenures going back over 10 years. “As big as we are, we are truly still a mom and pop operation,” Josh describes the corporate culture. “The majority of us wear T-shirts and shorts to work. We are friends at work, we are friends outside work. We believe in having a good time and working hard. We very seldom, if ever, have anyone leave us. The people that join us stay with us.” Within the industry – and especially within Florida – Lehman Pipe is very well known as a great place to work. “The amount of requests for employment we get from Working together DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH

in the industry is incredible,” Josh says. “I highly doubt there is any other supply house out there that gets more. I think that says a lot about how people see us.” Ron Stauffer, International Sales Manager, joined the company in 1993. Back then, he was personally attracted by the company’s longevity and their history of growth. Today, the company’s is even more longstanding, and they’re still growing, so he believes the same factors apply. “I think most people look at Lehman as a career, not just a job,” Ron says. “They value that it’s a place where they can grow and develop. Once they join, they don’t want to leave.” Alex Cosio, Domestic Sales Manager, has been with the business since 2002. He says that what’s retained him is the emphasis on collaboration. “Everyone is really involved,” he says. “Everyone gets a say. That’s the culture here. We all work together to achieve the same goals.” Lehman Pipe also works together with their suppliers and vendors. Again, Dennis says those relationships tend to be very-longstanding and very collaborative. An example is Wheatland Tube – a company that’s been around even longer than Lehman Pipe, and has established a similar legacy of customer service. They produce a wide range of steel tubular products and their processes make them simple and easy to work with. They are the kind of reliable supplier that makes Lehman Pipe reliable in turn. Moving forward, Lehman Pipe’s goal is to continue working together, with employees, with customers, and with suppliers like Wheatland. Their hope is that their 75 years of excellence is just the beginning. “We’re not going anywhere,” Dennis says. “This business is going to continue long past me. I am very, very lucky, and very fortunate, to have such an amazing young team. They’re going to keep it going for a long time. We already have the structure in place.” “And we’re going to keep getting better,” he concludes. “That’s what matters. We’ve been increasing in size every year, and we expect that to continue, but that’s not what drives us. It’s not imperative that we get bigger. It’s imperative that we get better.” DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH For more on Lehman Pipe Supply, their extended history, the markets they serve, and their vast range of products – and to get in touch with their team – visit

TOP QUALITY EXPERIENCE & SERVICES Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, National Roofing Company offers quality roofing systems and services. After 40 years of business, it is not shocking that this company has received national recognition for its roofing solutions and now has two sister companies. This family-owned business was started by Tom Johns in 1976. Tom’s son and now president, Jackson Johns, made it clear that his father had a clear passion for roofing. The business began when Tom Johns and his friend, Pete, decided to start their own shingling business. Just a few months into starting National Roofing, they had already made money. They continued to shingle houses for about ten years.

However, when Tom Johns wanted to move to commercial roofing, he became the owner of the whole company and switched to more commercial business. After ten years working at the company, Jackson Johns stepped into the leadership position and began building the company and its vision even further. Even though leadership shifted from father to son, the dedication to quality and professionalism stayed the same. Both Tom Johns and Jackson Johnswant todeliver top quality service and products to their community in New Mexico and surrounding regions. “Our main purpose is to make our community a better place to live,” notes current president, Jackson Johns. “The project right now I am proudest of is the Children’s Grief Center, which has moved into a new facility. It is new to them. It is an older building that needed re-roofed, and we are re-roofing that pro bono. We are trying to be good neighbors and citizens. We want to provide the best service we can to our community.” According to the center’s social media, “The Children’s Grief Center is a place that provides support for grieving young people and their caregivers.” National Roofing is proud to support this facility, and the company even provides drone footage so you can follow the DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH “My biggest responsibility is to provide people with the best possible employmentexperience I can. Part of my mission as president is to ensure that we have the best possible employment experience. We spend an absurd amount of time at work. It should be enjoyable. People should want to come in and do work.”

DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH re-roofing process on their social media. With such dedication to high quality work and community support, National Roofing likes to keep their work local. The company typically takes on projects within a 400-miles radius of their office in Albuquerque, NM. That radius typically reaches the entire state and regions of surrounding states. While they have completed a job in North Dakota, taking a project that far away is not typical for their company. They like to stay local but the sizes of the projects they take can range drastically, as Jackson John mentions. “Last year we did the biggest project in company history wherewe re-roofed23buildings on a school campus. That was the biggest project we have done is in the neighborhood of six million dollars. We will do multimillion dollar projects. We do tickets that are a couple of hundred dollars, and we do anything in between” notes Johns. The long-term success of the company speaks to both the excellence of the services provided and the quality employment that the company offers to its workers. To maintain quality in services, Jackson Johns had to make adjustments when moving into his father’s leadership position. “My father is obsessed with roofing,” remarks Johns. “For a long time, we were successful because of his high standards. I am a better businessman than a contractor. He was a better contractor than businessman. When we shifted over, we brought on an in-house architect to fill in his technical love of roofing. We have our own architect in house telling us what to do. He is a big part of our quality assurance.” Johns also mentions the robust internal training programs that are housed and performed at National Roofing. Employees are given thorough training, support, and exposure to assure that everyone working knows both the job they are doing and the expectations of quality that need to be met. Aside for training, National Roofing boasts a strong, positive company culture that fosters enjoyable employment experiences. Several of their employees have been at the company long-term, including an employee nearly reaching a thirty-year anniversary. Johns remarks on the importance of housing happy employees. “My biggest responsibility is to provide people with the best possible employment experience I can. Part of my mission as president is to ensure that we have the best possible employment experience. We spend an absurd amount of time at work. It should be enjoyable. People should want to come in and do work.” The salaried employees at the company have unlimited paid time off, as there is no hourly bank. Thispolicyaims toimprove employment happiness while promoting positive attitudes towards work and productivity.

DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH “It is however much time off you need,” outlines Johns. “We are concerned about your ability to do your job, not how long it takes you. That has been one example of trying to improve the employee experience. Happy employees make for happy customers. The happier your employees are the more productive they tend to be.” With forty years behind them and long-term employees still in their midst, it is clear that the company culture is a critical part of National Roofing’s success story. Thededicationof theemployees toquality andservice is reflected in the company’s portfolio. They re-roofed the facility for KOB TV. Other projects include cinemas, financial institutions, educational facilities, hotels, and warehouses. Their work has been primarily commercial, but Jackson Johns sees National Roofing returning to residential work in its future. Johns wants to diversify the company to build safety nets in case unexpected situations, like COVID, arise to drastically affect the market. “We are trying to shift from being a roofing company to a total envelope company. We are trying to pick up architectural cladding, so we can fabricate and install the metal and composite wall panels coming into vogue. We are also getting back into the residentialmarket- -trying to serve as many people as possible. We have been able to deliver high quality service and product to the commercial

DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH end. It’s time for us to do the same for the residential end.” Again, this diversification acts for National Roofing as a safety mechanism in case of future challenges in the market. As Johns states, “diversification equals safety.” It is evident that Johns is dedicated to running an operation that values the employees hired and the clients served. The value the company places in its employees and the value it wants to bring to the community will certainly continue to contribute to the company’s longevity and success. The company truly wants to keep on top of their work, their quality, and their dedication to their clients needs. For more information, or to contact National Roofing visit their website –

Royal Oak Developers is a Georgia-based full-service development company driven by an internal team of talented professionals dedicated to the development of high-quality and meaningful real estate. Since forming about five years ago, they have delivered an impressive portfolio of residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects to the Atlanta market. THE RIGHT PROJECTS

Sergey Krayev is one of the founders and managing partners behind Royal Oak. Though he’s been very successful in the industry to date, he didn’t get his start in real estate – he’s a telecom engineer by trade, and he comes from a deep background in technology. Over the course of his corporate career, he worked for BellSouth, AT&T, Kimberly-Clark, and Mizuno, where his role eventuallymoved from technology into marketing and product development. Eventually, he became part of a successful tech start-up, which was quickly sold. Equipped with the funds from that sale, he first turned his attention to real estate. “I looked around and asked myself ‘What should I do next?’” Sergey recalls. “Real estate seemed like a good opportunity.” Sergey teamed up with Yona Mizrahi, who came from a background in single-family homes, and they started by focused on large REIT projects. A few years in, they decided to get into construction, and Royal Oak Developers was born. Their goal was to do multi-family projects, but take “a singlefamily approach” – meaning, they wanted to devote the same level of care and attention to detail to their condos and apartments as they would a single family custom home. DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH “I looked around and asked myself ‘What should I do next?’” Sergey recalls. “Real estate seemed like a good opportunity.”

DECEMBER 2023 THE CONSTRUCTION SOURCE AMERICA - SOUTH Today, Royal Oak does both single and multi-family projects. They have a variety of individual spec homes in development across Georgia, and they have one multi-family project completed and several more in the pipeline. On the single-family side, Sergey believes that Royal Oak is set apart by the quality and uniqueness of their designs. He says that when he’s talking to prospective buyers, he often hears the same thing: “The feedback we’re getting is ‘We see so many houses and they all look the same, and then we come to see your house and it’s a breath of fresh air.’” Sergey credits that point of difference to his and Yona’s backgrounds in Europe: “We bring that modern European feel to every house,” he says. “Open floor plans, high ceilings, big windows, and modern light fixtures – those are the hallmarks of a Royal Oak home.” “With our designs, we also try to create the maximum amount of useful space for the homebuyers,” he adds. “That’s our strategy. We want to make sure we don’t waste an inch.” The exteriors of Royal Oak homes are also appealing, Sergey says. They feature modern architectural flair, but they still blend within the existing character of the neighborhoods they are located in. He believes that’s also a point of difference. On the multi-family side, meanwhile, Royal Oak hasn’t completed many projects yet, but their goal is to replicate the same points of difference. They want to deliver exceptional design, they want to maximize space for the buyers, and they want to create buildings that enhance the neighborhoods where they are located. The difference, however, is that Royal Oak want to achieve a more affordable price point with their multifamily developments. A lot of their single-family homes are valued in the millions and generally inaccessible to firsttime homebuyers and young professionals – with their multi-family projects, those are the demographics they are targeting. “Our goal is to still deliver those premium finishes, but in a smaller package,” Sergey says. “We want to make them accessible to first time buyers – to people who are spending less than $400,000, or even less than $300,000 in some cases.” In the multi-family sector, Royal Oak also aims to deliver the same calibre of workmanship and quality. They achieve that through multiple layers of quality control, through the use of technology – the founders come from a technology background, after all – and through hands-on supervision. “Yona and I are very close to the grassroots of every project,” Sergey says. “We’re very much involved. We make regular site visits. We’re there multiple times a week. We invest a lot of our own time in each project to make sure everything meets our standards.” They also invest in high quality subcontractors and trades, as they believe a project is only as good as the people working on it. Over the years, they have gone through “many, many” trades in their search to find a team they trust, but now that they have found that team, they no longer shop around. They use the same high-quality people on every project, no matter the size or scope. “The same people that are working onmillion dollar homes for us are also working on our smaller footprint condominium projects,” Sergey says. “So the level of quality and attention to detail is very much the same.” In the early years, when Sergey and Yona were narrowing down the trades that they trusted, Sergey explains that they weren’t just looking for high quality workmanship. Workmanship was important, of course, but just as important was the level of accountability. “In the construction space, no matter your level of professionalism or level of experience, at some point you will make a mistake,” he says. “Mistakes happen. The human element is always there. Obviously, the fewer mistakes the better, but what’s important is how you handle it when things go wrong.” “The reason that we work with the people that we do is that when there’s a problem, they come back and fix it,” he adds. “Our subcontractors stand behind their work and their product. If there’s an issue, they’ll address it in a timely matter.”