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What began as a means to provide for his family is now a multi-faceted construction company providing framing, drywall, acoustic walls and ceilings and paint and wallcovering services. Zebby Sulecki is one of Pennsylvania’s most trusted names in the industry, driven by a service-first philosophy, Zebby Sulecki,Inc. continues to deliver quality workmanship while never forgetting what keeps them in business – their customers.

Zebby Sulecki, Inc. isn’t your typical painting contractor. Servicing a variety of niche markets like health care facilities, educational facilities, hospitality and commercial properties and even historical landmarks, Zebby Sulecki has an approach that sets them apart.

Since its conception as a painting contractor, three core principles define what Sulecki is all about – honesty, integrity and quality workmanship. And while all other paint contractors think that price is the ultimate competitive advantage, for Zebby Sulecki, that’s the least important thing. Letting the work speak for itself and doing it with a smile is what matters. Who needs an expensive marketing strategy when word of mouth will suffice? When you take great pride in your work, word of mouth is all you need.

Quality work and the recommendations that follow it are based on the team around you. At Zebby Sulecki, the employees are the key to their success. So much so, that the word team has taken on a whole new meaning – an acronym for something deeper, more profound. Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM). By working hard to not only provide quality results for their customers but to also alter perceptions, Zebby Sulecki’s goal is to maintain their reputation for the work that they do. With over 60 painters, paperhangers, carpenters and administrative personnel, Zebby Sulecki’s commitment to its customers is a company-wide, top to bottom, ideal.

It’s an ideal that hasn’t gone unnoticed or unrewarded – a further testament to just how respected Zebby Sulecki, Inc. is. Just take a look at their achievements, there’s a long list of them. From their 1995 Merit Shop Award of Excellence in Construction to their 2013 Merit Construction Awards for Excellence, Sulecki has definitely earned the respect of not just his customers, but the far-reaching construction industry as a whole. An integral part of providing their award-winning work is the philosophy behind the company, which centers around respecting the customer. Zebby Sulecki is dedicated to seizing each and every opportunity they are given to achieve the highest quality work.

In fact, at a time when other companies were facing economic difficulties due to the recession, Zebby Sulecki took this opportunity to expand its services to include drywall, carpentry and acoustic ceilings. This addition of services gave Zebby an edge in offering a more competitive, complete package of services and better overall control of the end results of its projects.

A selection of their work includes such clients as: Radnor Hotel, Comcast Cable Inc., Cosco Wholesale, Telerx Communication. Some of the healthcare projects they’ve been involved include the Crozer Chester Hospital, the multi-location Integrated Health Systems, IHS and Penn-Radnor Health System. As well, Zebby Sulecki has worked on historical sites and retirement communities such as Diamond Street Apartments, Appleford Hotel, the Wayne Hotel, Shannondell at Valley Forge, and White Horse Village.

The company was most recently recognized at the 2014 ABC Eastern Pennsylvania Awards of Excellence, which celebrate the most outstanding commercial construction projects. Zebby Sulecki Inc. won the Award of Excellence for Specialty Construction – Interiors (Merit Level) for their superior drywall, acoustic, paint and wallcovering work on the 901 Jefferson Realty project.

In addition to their membership in the ABC Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter, Sulecki is also affiliated with the Painting & Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA), International Furnishings & Design Association, the Newtown Square Business & Professional Association, the Main Line Chamber of Commerce, as well as the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers.

Whether you’re in need of drywall and carpentry services, decorative and architectural finishes, maintenance services or even specialty treatments, Sulecki tackles each project the same way: with proven solutions, innovative products and services and award-winning performance. This process is not something thrown together quickly; it is developed over time and carefully instilled within the company and it all begins with the due diligence involved in the hiring process. Criminal background checks, company uniforms, personal protective equipment, and a welcome packet delivered by Sulecki himself. By taking the time to understand and educate your employees, it provides them with a sense of purpose and confidence that the customer will appreciate.

Working from the inside out, Zebby Sulecki Inc. is going beyond the typical contractor-customer relationship. While price is paramount, developing a brand presence not solely based on the bottom line is paying off for the Broomall PA-based company. It’s clear that while the company is now celebrating its 27th Anniversary, there is a very bright future ahead for the dedicated team at Zebby Sulecki, Inc.

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